Sunday, June 15, 2014

Legendary Locals of Los Gatos at VHOB - A Great Night!

We really had a lot of fun Friday night.  One of the 2 main authors of the book, Peggy Conaway Bergtold, who is a retired librarian from the Los Gatos Library as well as an historian, and 2 of the researchers, Betty Chase and Kathy Cusick, were presenters of Legendary Locals of Los Gatos for the evening.  They all gave a lot of the history of Los Gatos and the colorful people at the forefront.  That was very cool.

But what was also very cool was that we had 3 of the 180 people featured in the book at the bookstore. Let me give you a brief rundown on each of them.

Patti Hughes came to Los Gatos High school in 1969 as an English teacher.  She converted to a vice-principal in 1970 and stayed in that position until 1999.  2 of my 3 kids went to Los Gatos High with Patti as vice-principal.  They graduated in 1994 and 1997.

Ron Fink became a part-time employee at Macabee Gopher Trap Company right after he graduated from Los Gatos High in 1958.  He became general manager in 1963 and has held that position ever since, a span of over 50 years.  Even though the manufacturing of the traps moved to China in 2008, Ron still provides quality control here in Los Gatos.  In fact, his Los Gatos roots go back to 1890!

Lucy Wedermeyer is, of course, the other half of the team that included her late husband, Charlie.  As many of you know, Charlie was the very successful football coach at Los Gatos High for many years.  After he contracted Lou Gehrig Disease, he still coached, with Lucy relaying Charlie's instructions to the appropriate coach or player.

Do you all remember the TV movie that was made of their lives back in 1988?  It starred Michael Nouri as Charlie and Pam Dawber (of Mork and Mindy fame) as Lucy.  I remember seeing it back then and really enjoying it.  Lucy told Joni and me some interesting facts about that movie.  First of all, Pam, who is a brunette, asked Lucy if she had to become blonde.  Lucy said of course not.  Secondly, the whole movie was made in 4 weeks, and Charlie and Lucy were on location - in South Carolina, of all places.  Thirdly, they had input into the movie but not creative control.  It was fascinating listening to Lucy's recounting of that experience.  And besides all that, Michael Nouri still keeps in touch with the Wedermeyer family.

All in all, it was just a cool evening.  Here are a couple of pictures from the event.

Peggy Conaway Bergtold

Kathy Cusick

Peggy and Kathy, with Betty Chase
Patti Hughes is next to Betty
Ron is right behind Betty, to her right
Lucy is leaning to her left, in a lime green jacket


  1. I wanted so much to be there and have Peggy sign my book. Looks like you had a wonderful gathering.

  2. It was really fun to have 3 of the profiled legends there.