Wednesday, October 19, 2016

TCC Book Club

For those that don't know (which is just about all of you), I actually have a non-book-related day job. My company, The Corporate Chef, operates corporate cafes and catering using independent contractors.  We have been in business since 1961, and I started in 1975 (41 years - ouch).  As all of you DO know, I have a thing for books.  So I do I merge my 2 passions?  And then it came to me - I will start a book club with some of my clients.  And today was my very 1st book club meeting at my very 1st account (at Thermo Fisher Scientific - TFS - in Pleasanton). Here is a picture of one of my very favorite authors talking about one of my very favorite books.  This is Rayme Waters, and our book choice was The Angels' Share.

Rayme is at the end of the table in the white top (our TFS contact, Joyce, is to Rayme's left)

We've also got authors scheduled for both November and December at TFS:
Nov. - Rachael Herron, The Ones Who Matter Most
Dec. - Ann Bridges, Rare Mettle

And we start up at Central California Alliance for Health - CCAH - in Scotts Valley in December.  Our 1st author is Shelly King, The Moment of Everything.  All 4 of these authors have come to the RBC (I don't know if the TFS employees enjoyed today...but I know that I had a blast!).

BOOK SIGNING:  A couple of Sundays ago, Josh Russell came back to Recycle Books to sell and sign his book, Little Boy Soup.  You can pick it up at a whole bunch of bookstores, including Hicklebee's, several Barnes & Noble, several Books, Inc., and, of course, Recycle Books.