Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump/Schwartz Part II

On August 27, I posted a review of the Art of the Deal.  This book was published in 1987 and written by Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz.  As we have learned in the last 6 months, Tony actually wrote the book.  And now, 29 years after the fact, Tony has been making the rounds, talking about Trump - then and now.  Here are a few of the magazines and newspapers he has spoken to.  Suffice it to say that he is NOT a Donald Trump fan:

(BOOK NEWS ALERT!  Ken Follett has announced that he will be releasing his next book, A Column of Fire, on September 12, 2017.  Yes, I know that's almost a year from now.  But, still, isn't it exciting news?  And it looks like it's going to be a 900-pager.  CAN'T WAIT!)    

Donald Trump's 'Art of the Deal' Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz Speaks Out | MSNBC


Published on Jul 20, 2016
Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter for Donald Trump's book "Art of the Deal", speaks out about his experience of working with the GOP nominee.
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Trump’s Ghostwriter Explains How to Beat Him in a Debate

Donald Trump touted tonight that Vladimir Putin has an 82% approval rating. Trump has consistently complimented Putin's leadership. Putin is a dictator. Trump is obsessed with Putin's power. That should deeply frighten the American people. - Gavin Newsom 9/7/16

Tony Schwartz, Co-Author of Donald Trump's 'The Art of the Deal,' Says Trump Presidency Would Be 'Terrifying'

- ABC News

Bottom line on tonight's forum: Whatever you thought about Clinton, the breadth of Trump's ignorance and malevolence was breathtaking. - Schwartz tweet 9/7


“The Art of the Deal” made America see Trump as a charmer with an unfailing knack for business. Tony Schwartz helped create that myth—and regrets it.

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