Friday, July 26, 2013

A 2nd Successful Book Launch in 2 Weeks (actually, 8 days) - Sheldon Siegel's The Terrorist Next Door

This past Tuesday night Joni and I, along with Rich and Leslie, drove up to Book Passage in Corte Madera.  Although it's quite a schlep, it was worth it to see Sheldon launch his latest book, The Terrorist Next Door.  This is Sheldon's 1st book (out of 8) that is not part of his Mike/Rosie series (for those that don't remember or simply don't know, Mike and Rosie are ex-spouses and current law partners in San Francisco - every adventure includes murder, mystery, and courtroom drama).

Sheldon had a crowd of about 30-35 at the event.  Of course, all of us there were and are big fans.  He began by recognizing 3 authors in the crowd, the same thing Meg did last week.  I think that is a very cool thing to do.  In this case, one of the authors, Rita Lakin, is 83 years old and began writing a series 9 years ago.  She now has 7 published books. How neat is that?

But back to Sheldon.  He then went on to talk about his latest book and how he used his native Chicago to make his mom happy.  He created a character, Detective David Gold, that can be the protagonist for future books.  I, for one, am really excited to have potentially 2 series to follow even though his Mike/Rosie series is plenty fun by itself.

We all got treated to wine and cheese and hung out for awhile after the formal part of the evening.  And, just like last year in San Mateo, we were able to have dinner with Sheldon after he was done signing books and pressing the flesh.  This time, we got to eat with Sheldon's wife, Linda, and her sister, Julie.  It was a great evening.


  1. Yea for recognizing fellow authors and for those authors keeping dreams alive!

  2. The only possible negative from getting to know local authors is if I don't like their book. But as you have said many times, and I completely agree, we have to maintain our integrity as bloggers by writing what we believe. Pandering to an author we know doesn't do either of any good.