Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekly Recommendation List-Not By Book Sage (WRL-NBBS)

Other than the awkward title, I hope that this weekly list of recommendations will be helpful.  Every book on the list has come highly recommended.  My sources are - bloggers, authors, readers, publicists, and publishers.  I will list the source for each one.  And if I don't specify a genre, then consider it the catchall category of contemporary fiction.  There is no significant order to this list.  They're just listed as I wrote them down.  I will be interested in your comments, especially after you have tried a book or two.  And keep in mind that I have not read any of these books.

Each book is listed by author, title, genre (other than contemporary fiction), and recommender.

John Boyne, The Absolutist - Jasmine Haynes (author)
Justin Cronin, The Passage (book #1) - Jasmine Haynes (author)
Justin Cronin, The Twelve (book #2) - Jasmine Haynes (author)
Janet Evanovich, One for the Money - Ronda (reader)
Margaret George, The Memoirs of Cleopatra - Ronda (reader)
Nicci French, Waiting for Wednesday, psychological thriller (book #3 in series) - book'd out (blogger)
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Estella's Revenge (blogger)
Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat:  Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the
   1936 Berlin Olympics, non-fiction - Booking Mama (blogger)
Kirsten Knaute, just_a_girl, YA - book'd out (blogger)
Diane M. Haynes, Rift Healer, YA - Feed Your Fiction Addiction (blogger)
Bella Andre, The Look of Love, romance (book #1, #2-#4 also available) - BookHounds (blogger)
Amy Brile, The Movement of Stars, historical fiction - Booking Mama (blogger)
Robert Penn Warren, All the King's Men, classic (1946) - Lauren (reader AND MY DAUGHTER)
Alex Hammond, Blood Witness, crime fiction (book #1)(Australian) - book'd out (blogger)
Jenn Bennett, Binding the Shadows, urban fantasy (book #3 in series) - Tangled in Pages (blogger)
Kimberly McCreight, Reconstructing Amelia - bermudaonion (blogger)
Jim Bailey, The Yankee Chef:  Feel Good for Every Kitchen, cookbook - Bibliophile by the Sea
Sally Vickers, The Cleaner of Chartre, mystery - Silver's Reviews (blogger)
Suzanne Rindell, The Other Typist, historical fiction/psychological suspense - Under My Apple Tree
Jenni Fagan, The Panopticon - Gillian Flynn (author), Vanessa Diffenbaugh (author)
Sara Pennypacker, Clementine, children's (6 books), (3rd & 4th grade) - Booking Mama
Jennifer Smith, This Is What Happy Looks Like, YA - bermudaonion (blogger)
Richard Michelin, Twice As Good, non-fiction (golf) - Rhapsody in Books (blogger)
Kate Kerrigan, City of Hope (book #2, Ellis Island-book #1) - Diary of an Eccentric (blogger)
Lucinda Riley, The Lavender Garden - Silver's Reviews

I think 25 recommendations is enough for one week.  


  1. I have several of these titles on my TO BUY list, but many are new to me. Thanks, Lloyd.

  2. I am constantly amazed at how many good books there are. Being immersed in book world, I thought I was aware of much of it. But I haven't even scratched the surface. Thank goodness, especially, for all of these other bloggers. Without them, I think I would still be reading just the most popular authors. And, without them, I don't know if I would have come across you and your books. There's just a bunch of great stuff out there.

  3. I am so glad that you "found" some good books on my site! There are just so many good books out there and so little time to read all of them!

    1. Julie, I haven't been a member of your blog for very long, but you did score 3 out of 25. That's impressive.

  4. That's a great list of books and I'm flattered that you got a couple recommendations from me. I'm listening to The Boys in the Boat right now and it is excellent.

    1. Kathy, I have been a member of your blog longer than anybody else besides Stacy. You have more than earned my trust for your recommendations.