Monday, December 23, 2013

Amazon's Top-Selling Print Books for 2013

Amazon has come out with its top-selling 100 print books of 2013.  Here are the 1st 20, with my asides.

1.    Inferno, Dan Brown - haven't read it but liked his other ones.
2.    And the Mountains Echoed, Khaled Hosseini - haven't read this one either, but really
       liked his 1st 2, a lot.
3.    The Cuckoo's Nest, Robert Galbraith - everybody in the world knows it's JK Rowling -
       have no interest in reading it.
4.    The Husband's Secret, Liane Moriarty - have seen it around but don't know anything
       about it.
5.    Lean In:  Women, Work, and the Will to Lead - the only non-fiction in the top 20.
6.    The Hit, David Baldacci - the sequel to The Innocent - not as good but entertaining
7.    Sycamore Row, John Grisham - stopped reading him after The Firm - I couldn't
       forgive him for screwing up the ending.
8.    Entwined with You (book #3, Crossfire), Sylvia Day - don't know anything about this
       book, series, or author.
9.    Never Go Back, Lee Child - another Jack Reacher tale - always enjoyable, light
10.  The Storyteller, Jodi Picoult - one of my favorites of 2013 and definitely my favorite
11.  Alex Cross Run, James Patterson - don't/won't read a Patterson (except for Richard
12.  Doctor Sleep, Stephen King - I'll stick to King's 11/22/63, one of my top 12 all-time.
13.  12th of Never, James Patterson - see #11.
14.  Damaged (#1), H.M. Ward - never heard of this author.
15.  Killing Jesus, Bill O'Reilly - no can do.
16.  Second Honeymoon, James Patterson/Howard Roughan - worse than reading
       Patterson alone.
17.  Whiskey Beach, Nora Roberts - have never read her - prefer my local romance
18.  The Billionaire's Obsession:  The Complete Collection:  Mine for Tonight, Mine for
       now, Mine Forever, Mine Completely, J.S. Scott - have no idea who this is.
19.  Surrender Your Love, J.C. Reed - ditto #18.
20.  Harlan Coben, Six Years - have read all of his adult stuff - liked it but not stellar.

Not surprisingly, many of these authors are going to have big sales no matter what they put out.  And in the case of Picoult, at least, the sales are well-justified.

COMING SOON:  On January 1, I will be putting out my entire list of books read for 2013.  And, of course, there will be the top however many there are.  I know you're all panting in anticipation!


  1. I want to read Inferno too.
    I really liked Husband's Secret and think you might too. Just finished Six Years and I thought it was better than a lot of his standalones lately - and I've read them all :)

  2. I still have Rebecca sitting in my burgeoning TBR pile. But at least it's there. I'll see about picking up The Husband's Secret.