Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not Every Book Is A Superstar

My most recent reviews (the last 5 months) have all been top notch books - 3.5's or 4's:

Beth Hoffman - Looking for Me
Steve Sporleder - From Sleepy Lagoon to the Corner of the Cats
Daniel Silva - The English Girl
Mitch Albom - The First Phone Call from Heaven
Amy Franklin-Willis - The Lost Saints of Tennessee
Jeffrey Archer - Best Kept Secret (#3 Clifton Chronicles)
Katie Hafner - Mother Daughter Me
Tracy Guzeman - The Gravity of Birds
Jasmine Haynes - The Naughty Corner (yes, it's an erotic romance)
JoJo Moyes - Me Before You (I haven't finished it yet, but it's going to be a 4)

I've also had a fair number of 3's (with some reviews thrown in):

David Baldacci - The Hit
Meg Clayton - The Wednesday Sisters
Jess Walter - Beautiful Ruins
Hannah Jayne - Truly, Madly, Deadly
Ellen Kirschman - Burying Ben
Toni Piccinini - The Goodbye Year
Joan Swan - Rush
William Kent Kreuger - Ordinary Grace
Greg Potter - Albatross

Since I can't seem to find time to write reviews of every book I read, I think it's only fair to list the ones from the same time period that were simply good.  These are 2.5's.  I finished them and enjoyed  them, but I can't really tell you to run out and buy them.  Here they are:

Bev Spicer - Bunny on a Bike
Henning Mankell - A Treacherous Paradise
Brad Taylor - Enemy of Mine
Edwidge Danticat - Claire of the Sea Light
Diane Orgain - Bundle of Trouble
Carmen Rutlen - Dancing Naked - In Fuzzy Red Slippers
Steve Sporleder - Hobo Ashes
Bill Petrocelli - The Circle of Thirteen
Ann Patchett - This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Philip Margolin - Worthy Brown's Daughter
Karen Joy Fowler - We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
Harriet Chessman - The Beauty of Ordinary Things

Let me emphasize that 2.5 is a very decent rating.  If you decide to read a 2.5, you will be fine with that.  You may not yell it's name from a mountaintop, but you won't be sorry you read it.

P.S.  Anything less than a 2.5, or one that I didn't finish (DNF), I will save for another day. You need to know those too, but, for today, let's stick to positive ratings.


  1. I'm honored to be high on your list, Lloyd! Thank you so much.

  2. Believe me, the (reading and recommending) pleasure is all mine!

  3. Lloyd, Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves was one of the best books I read this year. Let's argue about it next week. Keith