Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Latest List of Local Authors - And It's A Biggie

The last time I posted a list of the local (greater Bay Area) authors that I have contact with was August 22 of this year.  At that time, I had 38.  Pretty good, eh?  In putting together a new list, I have lopped  off 11 that I am no longer in touch with.  So the new list should be 27, right?  Uh, not so fast - because I have added 33!  That's right, 33 new authors in less than 4 months, for a total of 60.  Isn't that crazy?  Well, its' really not that much of a mystery.  It's mostly due to events related to Village House of Books and the Los Gatos Library.  And I must say... I couldn't be happier.  Here they are:

Adair, Marina
Andrews, Dr. Russell J.
Azizi, Arya (11 years old!)
Auchard, Betty
Barany, Beth
Barrett, Elisabeth
Black, Cara
Brito, Michael
Butler, Katy
Castro, Jenn
Cheng, Shauley
Chessman, Harriett Scott
Cirone, Anthony
Clayton, Meg Waite
Dart, Julie
DePaul, Virna
Flowers, Erika
Fowler, Karen Joy
Franco, Betsy & Tom
Franklin-Willis, Amy
Gonzalez, Kathleen
Goodson, Bill
Goss, Erica
Guzeman, Tracy
Hafner, Katie
Harwood, Jan
Haynes, Jasmine
Jayne, Hannah
Johnson, Laura Leah
Johnson, Victoria M.
King, Laurie McAndish
Kirshman, Ellen
Lakin, Rita
Lamb, J.J./Golden, Bette
Lavigne, Michael
Lee, Pascal
Lukas, Michael David
McKenzie, C. Lee
Minkin, Barry Howard
Mitchell, Kate
Myers, Tim
Nguyen, Kim Yen
Pastrone, Lauri
Petrocelli, Bill
Piccinini, Toni
Raffel, Keith
Rosenfeld, Seth
Ryan, Jennifer
Senft, Adina
Siegel, Sheldon
Silverberry, A.R.
Sloan, Robin
Smith, JoAn
Sporleder, Steve
Swan, Joan
Taylor, Nick
Warner, Penny
Waters, Rayme
Wecker, Helene


  1. My goodness, you certainly have a lot of authors in your area!

  2. Add the 11 I dropped, and it's still only the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Why do all of us live here? Darned nice place to write, I guess. Great to meet you at the kids authors' night.