Friday, December 13, 2013

Record-Setting Year for Non-Fiction

I normally read a couple of non-fictions a year.  This year (with a little under 3 weeks left in 2013, I think I'm done with non-fiction), I've got 7 and 2 books of essays/musings.  Why this aberration, you ask?  It's come from author events at VHOB (5), Silicon Valley Reads (2), a publisher's ARC (1), and the Los Gatos Library Book Club (1).  And let me say this: Some of them are among my top reads of 2013.  Here they are, in order, with ratings and source:

Sue Diaz, Minefields of the Heart, SV Reads - the story of a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan from the mother's perspective - 4.0

Brian Castner, The Long Walk, SV Reads - a U.S. soldier's story, told by the soldier himself - 2.5

Carmen Rutlen, Dancing Naked...In Fuzzy Red Slippers, VHOB - musings by the
author - 2.5

Toni Piccinini, The Good-Bye Year, VHOB - a high school senior's last year at home before college, told by the mother - 3.0

Ann Patchett, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, publisher's ARC - a compilation of essays that Ann has written through the years - 2.5

Katie Hafner, Mother Daughter Me, VHOB - a memoir of Katie's childhood and attempt later in life to make amends with her mother - 3.5

Dr. Russell J. Andrews, Too Big to Succeed, VHOB - a local neurosurgeon talks about profiteering in the medical industry - 3.0

Piper Kerman, Orange Is the New Black, Los Gatos Library Evening Book Club - A memoir about a woman's year in federal prison - 3.5

Nathan Jackson, Slow Getting Up, VHOB - an ex NFLer's 6 years in professional
football - 3.0

Let's recap:
1 - 4.0
2 - 3.5
2 - 3.0
3 - 2.5

Not too shabby.  I may have to make this a habit.

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