Thursday, March 20, 2014

3rd Tuesday Book Club at Los Gatos Library - A Real Treat

Tuesday night I went to the Los Gatos Library's 3rd Tuesday Night Book Club meeting.  I try to go as often as I can because I really enjoy it.  Melissa Maglio does a great job of leading the discussion and even democratically selects the book choices by involving the members of the club (unlike a certain despot who runs the VHOB Book Club!).  Tuesday night was particularly cool because we not only discussed Blossoms and Bayonets, by Jana McBurney-Lin and Hi-Dong Chai (affectionately called Uncle Chai), but both of them were there.  It was only 2 weeks ago (almost), March 8, that I posted a review of the book - and, I might add, liked it a lot.

Jana wrote the book, with Hi-Dong's input.  You see, Hi-Dong was actually the subject of the book, even though the book is technically a novel.  It seems like more of a hybrid genre to me.  It's quite a bit of non-fiction because Hi-Dong's family in the book was his real family.  And it's certainly historical fiction because we learned a lot about Korea during WWII.  So I would say it's somewhere in between.  I'll call it historical fiction/non-fiction.  What the heck.  I get to make stuff up.

Here are few pictures from last night.  I'll caption each one.

Hi-Dong Chai (Uncle Chai) and Jana McBurney-Lin

Los Gatos Library 3rd Tuesday Night Book Club members

Jana (left), Melissa Maglio (our illustrious leader)(right), book club member (center)

Uncle Chai (obviously)

UPCOMING EVENT:  On Friday, September 19, Jana and Uncle Chai will be appearing at VHOB as the September VHOB Book Club authors.  You will all be fascinated by the discussion and the Q&A with the 2 of them. 

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