Friday, March 14, 2014

Series That I No Longer Read

Remember when I said I would have this list about a week ago?  Well, I meant it when I said it.

I've got 14 series to list here.  But I'm not going to go into great detail about them (and, for some, no detail at all).  The 1st batch consists of the series that I read one and said "No thank you." (total # of books in series in parentheses)

1.  Alan Bradley - Flavia de Luce (6)
2.  F. Paul Wilson - Repairman Jack (15)
3.  Gregory McGuire - Wicked (6)
4.  George R.R. Martin - Game of Thrones (6)

The following group I liked, at least for a time, but then I didn't like - or stopped for some other reason.

1.  Clive Cussler - Dirk Pitt (22) - I loved this series with Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino, until Dirk came across twin children that he didn't know he had - and they became part of the action
2.  Alex Kava - Maggie O'Dell (11) - I really liked this series about an FBI profiler - the stories about serial killers were spooky but riveting - and then Kava wrote one very bad book and followed that with one only slightly better - I was done
3.  Lee Child - Jack Reacher (20) - I have no reason for stopping this series - I read about 4 of them and liked every one - and then I stopped - no clue as to why
4.  Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files (20) - I read, I think, 3 - that was enough
5.  Alexander McCall Smith - The 1st Ladies Detective Agency (15) - I enjoyed this series for a while but never loved it - I probably read about 5 or 6, and that was plenty
6.  Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas (11) - At one time, I wanted to read every Koontz book, and I pretty much have - but I was never crazy about Odd Thomas and finally stopped after maybe 4 of them
7.  Joel Rosenberg - The Twelfth Imam (3) - I was crazy about The Last Jihad series and enjoyed book 1 of this series - I can't figure out why I stopped after book 1 - it might be nothing more dramatic than I couldn't seem to fit it in
8.  John Lescroart - Dismas Hardy (15) - I read a couple of these - in fact, I once emailed John to ask him in what order I should read all of them - he was great, emailed me back with a detailed explanation - normally I like to support authors who take the time to communicate with me - I guess in this case I just didn't like them well enough
9.  Randy Wayne White - Doc Ford (20) - I read 3 but was never a big fan - it was easy to stop
10.James Swain - Tony Valentine (8) - I like this series and read 5 or 6 - he went a considerable period of time without writing any more - and when he picked back up, I didn't

That's it.  I am now done with all posts about series - forever (or until I start with them again - whichever comes 1st).

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