Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Possible Change in Book Sage Policy - PLEASE WEIGH IN

I need some feedback.  I am seriously considering abandoning my rating system.  I've been doing it the same way for over 3 years, since the inception of The Book Sage, but I feel like it has run its course.  In the past, I  have been lax in reviewing every book.  If I eliminate the rating system, then I will need to be diligent about 1 review per book.  But I think my opinion of a book will be evident from the review itself.

Here's the 2nd part of the conundrum.  When I do my January 1 list of all books read the previous year, I can do 1 of 3 things:

1.  Post the rating for every book, with the top books in order, as I do every year.
2.  Still post the top books of the year, in order, without ratings.
3.  Post all of the books, in order, without ratings.

I NEED YOUR HELP.  I have no idea whether you readers like the rating system or not. Please let me know your thoughts.

Humbly yours,

The Book Sage

P.S.  I will be posting the list of series that I started and stopped tomorrow.


  1. I can take or leave the rating system, but on balance it's a handy shortcut to get a quick impression of what someone thought.. I use it, but I don't feature it, I hope you reach a decision that works for you :)

  2. I like the rating system. As Shelley says, it's a quick way for me to figure out if I want to add the book to my list. In fact, I just added Tara Conklin's The House Girl based on your rating! With that said, it's your site, and if you feel the rating system has run its course, then so be it!

  3. Thanks all, I'll see if any more comments come in.

  4. Hi Booksage,
    I worry about the rating system too. It enables some reviewers to be so cruel by giving 1 or 2 stars! You could have your own rating system such as hearts for touching, emotional read, stars for exciting read, exclamation points for action, adventure, etc. What do you think? I stopped giving ratings on my blog and now just give my opinion about what I liked about the books I review. I have to rate on Amazon and Goodreads thought.

    I am always careful as to the feelings of the author. I would never hurt a person by giving a poor review. I only review a book if I like it, safer that way.

    Good luck with whatever you plan to do. Love your blog!
    Best regards,
    Janice Spina

  5. Thanks for your comments, Janice. It is touchy. And on top of all that, I know a lot of these authors because they do appearances at VHOB. What I consider a good rating might seem less than good to them.

  6. I don't mind when other people use rating systems but I don't because they're so subjective. I do rate books on GoodReads and sometimes I go back and wonder what I was thinking when I gave a particular rating. I say do whatever works best for you.

  7. I appreciate your input, Kathy. You're right that it's such an individual thing.