Sunday, March 2, 2014

Series That Have Ended That I Liked, Part 2

Okay, here's Part 2 of series that have ended that I liked (kind of awkward wording, don't you think?).

Stieg Larsson and the Dragon Tattoo trilogy (only a trilogy because Larsson passed away).  This is in the same category as Brown and Rowling.  It's wildly popular, but it has earned its place in literary history.

John Twelve Hawks dystopian trilogy, starting with The Traveler.  Hawks makes Big Brother from 1984 seem benevolent.  But have you even heard of this guy and these books?  I hadn't until a friend of mine told me about them.  Well, other people have sure heard of him.  He's sold 1.5 million books, and his books have been translated into 25 languages.  Impressive.

Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp.  We all know why he stopped at 13.  And it's a huge loss.  The books are all very well done.

Joel Rosenberg and The Last Jihad.  This is a 5-book series that ended in shocking fashion.  It's all about the Middle East and is a truly captivating series.  But after 5, he started a new series and has written 3 books in that one.

Brian Haig and Sean Drummond.  There have been 6 books so far.  I've got this series on the list because Haig hasn't published a new one in several years.  Drummond is a military lawyer (JAG).  He is a great combination of lawyer, murder mystery solver, and comedian.  These books are terrific fun.

Christopher Reich and Jonathan Ransom.  Reich has written 3 books in the series but hasn't written a 4th one.  And he has just come out with a new book that is a standalone. All of Reich's early books featured an accountant as the protagonist.  He was being touted as the John Grisham of the accounting world.  I liked those more than the Ransom books, but I still did enjoy the series.

W.E.B. Griffin has had a total of 6 series, 5 military and 1 police (I read book 1 of that series and didn't really like it much).  The 2 that have ended are The Corps (10 books) and The Brotherhood of War (9 books).  I really loved all 19 of these books.

NEXT UP:  Series that I didn't finish or don't currently read.


  1. I haven't read any of those series!

  2. It's definitely a time commitment to read a series.

  3. I have the first Larsson to read, think I'm a little behind? (kina like my blog reading!)

  4. Don't even talk to me about blog reading. Sometimes all I can do is scroll to the bottom for a rating or a wrap-up. And speaking of blogs, how come we haven't seen any recent pictures of Gage? I feel Gage-deprived.