Monday, May 19, 2014

A Hodgepodge of Information (I didn't want to use "Stuff" again)

Here are some things to tell you:

1)  Wednesday night we've got Betsy and Tom Franco coming to VHOB.  Besides being the mother and brother of James Franco (will he be there? I don't think so - he's on Broadway in Of Mice and Men - but you never know, do you?), they are an author (Betsy) and illustrator (Tom).  But you already knew all of this.  What's just come up is that they're bringing an acoustic guitar player at 6:30.  So, come early and shoot the breeze and listen to live guitar music.

2)  On Saturday, June 21, from 1-5:30, Kepler's is having a special event - Mystery-Thriller Saturday:  An Afternoon of Chaos, Killing, Crime, and Kidnapping@Kepler's. There will be a number of mystery and thriller writers there, including the 3 authors we had together for Mystery Authors' Night, back on December 18 - Sheldon Siegel, Keith Raffel, and Cara Black.

But that's not why I'm bringing this up.  ATTENTION INDEPENDENT AUTHORS:

Special bonus: If you are an independently published author, contact us - and (until space runs out) we will arrange for you to have a table where you can sell your books.

3)  Our last author event of the month at VHOB is Thursday, May 29.  Bill Goodson, author of The Blue-Eyed Girl, will be presenting his 1st novel.  Here's his bio:

William Goodson has dedicated his career to treating women with breast cancer. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, he has been professor of surgery and chairman of the medical school curriculum committee at University of California San Francisco, as well as recipient of the Compassionate Caring Award from the Institute for Health and Healing in San Francisco. In addition to his practice, he does research on the role of environmental chemicals as a cause of cancer. This is his first novel. 
4)  Here's a sneak preview of June.  It's going to be a heck of a month.
June 13, Friday - Peggy Conaway Bergtold, Legendary Locals of Los Gatos
June 18, Wednesday - Bryan Kramer - social media guru - launch of his book, H2H, Human 2 Human
June 19, Thursday - Katie Hafner, Mother Daughter Me - VHOB Book Club
June 26, Thursday - Ann Gelder, Bigfoot and the Baby - debut novel and launch event
June 29, Sunday - Anne Hillerman, Spider Woman's Daughter (and real daughter of Tony Hillerman)

5)  TOTALLY RANDOM PIECE OF NEWS:  On Thursday night, May 24, 2012, I had one of the greatest book events of my life.  That was the night I went to Authors Night, put on by my granddaughter Haley's 1st grade class.  She's now in 3rd grade and ready to matriculate to 4th.  But...her brother Ryan is going into 1st grade next year.  A year from now, I will again be posting about one of my favorite book events ever.  I told you it was random!


  1. Wow ... things are hopping over at VHOB!

  2. They are. And I finally got addresses from the 2 winners of your book. They went out yesterday. And it looks like the tour is going well. Congrats.

  3. .... hodgepodge... *chuckles*
    Well, the next time, you could use the phrase "oodles of caboodles" (one of my favourites...)

    1. I may well use something besides "hodgepodge" or "stuff." I can pretty much assure you that it will not be "oodles of caboodles." It's just so not me!