Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Latest Local-Authors-That-I-Know List

This is my every-six-month (except this time it's been 8 months) list of local authors that I know, most of whom I have met through Village House of Books.  This list does NOT include:

-authors that I have known but feel I'm distanced from now
-authors who are scheduled to come to VHOB and who I have been in email contact with
 - but haven't met yet
-authors that I have met but didn't connect with (hard to believe, eh?)

The list has become humongous - just the way I like it.  And heeeeere they are (yes, I know I've used this gag before):

Adair, Marina
Andrews, Dr. Russell
Auchard, Betty
Barrett, Elisabeth
Bingham, JZ
Black, Cara
Butler, Katy
Castro, Jenn
Clayton, Meg Waite
Dart, Julie
Degregorio, Mike
DePaul, Virna
Ford, Jamie
Fowler, Karen Joy
Franklin-Willis, Amy
Goss, Erica
Guzeman, Tracy
Hafner, Katie
Haynes, Jasmine
Jackson, Nate (he counts too because even though he lives in LA, he comes to visit his
   parents/friends on a regular basis!)
Jayne, Hannah
Johnson, Victoria
King, Shelly
Kirschman, Ellen
Kramer, Bryan
Lavigne, Michael
Lee, Pascal
Lukas, Michael David
McBurney-Lin, Jana
McKenzie, C. Lee
Mitchell, Kate
Myers, Tim
Nguyen, Kim Yen
Pastrone, Lauri
Piccinini, Toni
Quinn, Mary Ann
Raffel, Keith
Rosenfeld, Seth
Rutlen, Carmen
Ryan, Jennifer
Sayre, Alina
Senft, Adina
Siegel, Sheldon
Silverberry, A.R.
Sloan, Robin
Smith, JoAn
Sporleder, Steve
Sussman, Ellen
Swan, Joan
Taylor, Nick (T.T. Money)
Warner, Penny
Waters, Rayme
Wecker, Helene

The new total is - 53!!!!!  And, wait, that's not the whole story.  I dropped 14, which means I added 29.  Are you kidding me?  I have connected with 29 new authors!! Really?  And in 6 months I will be adding another 12-15 (but might possibly be eliminating a few more). For us author junkies, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA IS PARADISE!

MEA CULPA:  As usual, if I forgot anybody, I apologize.  Please feel free to let me know about any omissions/oversights.


  1. Thank you, Lloyd! Great to know you, too! You're a wonderful inspiration to writers!

  2. I'm sure I'm getting a lot more out of the relationships than you guys, but thanks for the comment.

  3. You make VHOB such a welcoming place to be! Thank you for the warm reception :)

  4. It's been great getting to know you. We're looking forward to July 10.

  5. Wow! I'm jealous :)