Thursday, May 22, 2014

SUPER Night Last Night at VHOB with Betsy and Tom Franco

What a fun event we had with Betsy and Tom.  It started around 6:45 with 2 young boys showing their violin-playing skills.  While that was going on, everybody else was eating and drinking.  At about 7:20, we started the program.  Tom basically interviewed his mom about her latest book, called Naked.  This is a story about Camille Claudel, who was an artist at the same time as Auguste Rodin and who was Rodin's muse.  But Betsy has brought her into the present.  The couple of passages she read made all of us want to read the book.  And since most of us there bought the book and had it signed by both Betsy and Tom (the illustrator), I think we'll all be reading it soon.  (It's gone right to the middle of my TBR pile even as we speak!)

We had an enthusiastic crowd with a total of about 20 people.  I was particularly happy to learn that Betsy is not only an author, she's also an artist, an actress, and a director. Tom, himself, is not too shabby.  He is the director of an art collective in the East Bay, with about 6 different locations, and an artist to boot.  In fact, he brought with him a couple of very cool pieces that he made.  Add sons/brothers James and Dave (both actors, although James is an author too), and we're looking at a family that is art and entertainment royalty.

Take a look at some of the pictures from last night.

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  1. She's a multi-talented person! What a wonderful event with the music. I love the violin.