Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Friday Night - Mike Degregorio. Last Night (Tuesday) - Nate Jackson

This Friday night, May 9, come see Mike Degregorio at VHOB.  This is a launch for Mike's Ditch Kids.  Besides that, we've got the Jerry Best Band, introducing their new song, This Bay.  And let's not forget food and wine/water.  Ditch Kids is about Mike's childhood over on Los Gatos-Almaden Road.  There will be a few people there Friday night who are part of Mike's childhood.  How cool is that?  Come see Mike Degregorio.  The festivities begin at 6:00, followed at 7:00 by Mike's presentation, Q&A, and signing.  It's going to be a blast (for you youngun's, that means a fun time).

And last night, the VHOB Book Club had its May author event with Slow Getting Up, by Nate Jackson.  Even though it's a football memoir, everybody that came last night enjoyed the book.  The hour that we had talking to Nate after our book club discussion was fantastic.  He was very open about his experiences.  With about 25 people there, it was an electrifying evening.  Here are some pictures of Nate. 

Sorry.  I had to include this picture because my son, Josh, who is almost 38, has been jumping into other people's pictures since he could walk.  And here he is again.

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