Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Little More Hodgepodge (sorry, Michelle - no "oodles of caboodles")

I've got just a few more things to tell you.  I know you have been waiting with the proverbial baited breath for my ramblings.

1.  So, tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 21, at VHOB, we will not only have Betsy Franco talking about her book, Naked (we've got a bunch of her books for sale in the store), with her illustrator son, Tom; and we will not only have a duo of musicians playing music from 6:30-7:00; but we will also have wine, cheese, and crackers.  What good is shooting the breeze if you don't have food and beverage to go with it.  (Notice that I didn't put a question mark there.)

2.  I want to remind you that we've not only got the fantastic VHOB Book Club, but we also have The Twitter Book Club (TTBC).  Right now, we're reading an excellent book by Tara Conklin called The House Girl.  We're half-way through Tara's book.  If you go to booksage.blogspot.com, you will be able to click on The Twitter Book Club to get all of the details about how we're running our book club.  It's pretty cool.  You can also go to @LloydRussell5 and hashtag #booksage 1.  I think you will enjoy it.  Everybody can participate.  Check it out.

3.  I was scrolling through my posts, and came across my day at Litquake last August 18. Why am I mentioning this now?  A legitimate question.  And I have a legitimate answer (don't I always - at least have some kind of answer?).  It's because it was at this event that I met Amy Franklin-Willis and Ellen Kirshman, saw Tracy Guzeman for only the 2nd time, got re-acquainted with Ellen Sussman, and got to spend some time with long-time stand-bys Sheldon Siegel and Keith Raffel.  So, let's recap what has happened since then:

October 25 - Tracy came to VHOB with Meg Waite Clayton as part of our Grand
   Opening week
November 14 - Ellen Kirschman came to VHOB to talk about her book, Burying Ben
December 18 - Sheldon Siegel and Keith Raffel (with Cara Black) were part of a panel
   discussion on Mystery Authors Night to celebrate - what else - mysteries
February 18 - Amy Franklin-Willis was our VHOB Book Club author - her book, The Lost
   Saints of Tennessee, got a collective rating of 3.89 (out of 4) from our members
April 16 - Tracy Guzeman, The Gravity of Birds, was our author for this month
And, coming up:
July 30 - Keith Raffel, A Fine and Dangerous Season - VHOB Book Club author
August 20 - Ellen Sussman, A Wedding in Provence - and, yes, VHOB Book Club author

I would say that this is quite a contribution from a 1-day event!