Saturday, February 26, 2022

Books Read so far in 2022

Okay, this is totally pathetic.  I think I have good excuses for not writing any posts.  But does anybody really care what my excuses are?  More to the point, does anybody care that I haven't written any posts?!  Well, I'm not going to start now.  However, I am going to post what I've read with some ratings.  Let me preface the list by saying that I have read some good books so far this year.  But nothing has been above a 3.5/4.  I'm sure that will change; especially since I had 15 books at 3.75 or higher in 2021...and 6 of them were 4.0 or higher (1-4.0+ and 1-4.25)!

Here they are:

The Secret of Snow - Viola Shipman - 3.5 (a 4.25/4 for The Clover Girls!)
He Gets That from Me - Jacqueline Friedland - 3.5 (our RBC author in February)
The Match - Harlen Coben - 3.25 (a little low for a Coben)
The Last House on the Street - Diane Chamberlain - 3.5 (always good - 3.5 is on the low end for her)
Unforgettable in Love - Jennifer Skully/Bella Andre - 3.25 (book 7 - I like them all)
Slay the Dragon - William McGinnis - 2.75 (interesting look at China)
Surviving the Second Tier - M.K. Lever - 2.75 (unique premise)

That's it, folks.  I hope to write some real reviews down the road.  But, unfortunately, I can't make any promises.