Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recs #12 - PART A

That's right.  I've got so many recommendations that I need to post twice this week.  Then, and only then, can I get caught up.  Now, will I be able to stay caught up?  That is the question.  Here's the next 25 (actually 26).

Elizabeth Rusch/Oliver Dominguez, Electrical Wizard:  How Nikola Tesla Lit up the World,
   illustrated biography for early readers - BermudaOnion
Dianne Blacklock, The Best Man, relationship story - book'd out
Matt Tavares, There Goes Ted Williams, illustrated biography - Rhapsody in Books
Dr. Esther Elisha, Positive Affirmations for Little Girls:  The ABC Book of Rhymes, designed
   to build self-esteem  Kids' Book
Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park, YA love story about 2 misfits - Booking Mama
Gina Damico, Rogue (#3), YA dystopia - BookHounds
Stephanie O'Dea, 365 Slow Cooker Suppers - Bibliophile by the Sea
Better Homes & Gardens, Baking - Bibliophile by the Sea
Fine Cooking Magazine, Fine Cooking Thanksgiving Cookbook - Bibliophile by the Sea
Liane Moriarty, The Hypnotist's Love Story - Amused by Books
Liane Moriarty, What Alice Forgot - Amused by Books
Liane Moriarty, The Husband's Secret - Amused by Books, Bookfan
Jeanine Pirro, Clever Fox, mystery/thriller - Booking Mama
Jessica Brockhole, Letters from Skye, historical fiction/epistolary - Bookfan
Rebecca Coffey, Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake:  And Other "Recipes" for the Intellectually
   Famished, novelty - Rose City Reader
Heather L. Earnhardt, The Wandering Goose:  A Modern Fable of How Love Goes,
   novelty - Rose City Reader
Ann Hite, The Storycatcher, historical fiction, gothic -book'd out
Emily Liebert, You Knew Me When, women's fiction/book club - Booking Mama
Lottie Moggach, Kiss Me First (debut novel), psychological thriller - Bibliophile by the Sea
JoJo Moyes, The Girl You Left Behind, historical fiction - Booking Mama
C.S. Richardson, The End of the Alphabet, love and loss, life and death - My Reader's
Terry Pratchett (I have never read him), The Wee Freemen (Tiffany Aching series),
   middle-grade/YA - Estella's Revenge
A.S.A. Harrison, The Silent Wife - BermudaOnion
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun, novel of civil war in Nigeria, mid-60's -
   Bibliophile by the Sea
C.W. Gortner, The Tudor Conspiracy (#2, Spymaster Conspiracy), historical mystery -
   To Be Continued
Marlene Perez, Dead Is Just a Dream (#8, Dead Is), paranormal - BookHounds

Bibliophile by the Sea wins this list with 5 entries, and Booking Mama has 4.  We'll see what happens later this week.  There are a bunch of contenders on this next list.

PROGRAM NOTE:  Do you remember a little over a month ago I said that I would have more mini-reviews in the next 1-3 days?  I obviously was just kidding.  This time I'm really serious, though.  I will have those mini-reviews THIS WEEK.  I swear.


  1. Once again, several of those titles are new to me. Ahhh ... so many books to consider!

  2. I've given up trying to stay on top of things. I'll wait until I'm retired (never!) before I commit to reading everything in my TBR pile. How is The Gravity of Birds? I just finished another terrific book from a local author - The Lost Saints of Tennessee, by Amy Franklin-Willis. Strongly recommend.

  3. I have to make sure I sing the praises of The Husband's Secret. I'm curious to see how a guy feels about it.

  4. Tell me to get it - and I will get it. As for a guy's reaction to it, you should know by now that I (almost) equally favor books geared toward men and women. But I need your strong recommendation.