Sunday, August 24, 2014

The 1st Literary Fair - A Gigantic Success

Wow was yesterday (Saturday, August 23) fun!  We had about 30 local authors along with our 2 keynoters (one of whom - "whom" is awkward but correct, I think - is a Los Gatos resident).  Los Gatos Library put on the show with able assistance from Village House of Books and Friends of the Library.  The event went from 12-3 and was considered by all to be a great success.  Here is the story in pictures (with captions).

The real star of the day - Melissa Maglio, the Library's Programs and Reference Librarian.  She did an amazing job putting all of this together.  Way to go Melissa.

Author and publisher tables

The shade-sitting crowd, listening to the speakers

The 2 keynote speakers - Laurie R. King and Jay Elliot (do I have to tell you which one is which?).

Laurie kicked off the program.

Jay was our last speaker.  He told some really fascinating stories about Steve Jobs and Apple.

Linda Gunther was one of the local authors who spoke for 5 minutes each.  In fact, Linda and the next 4 authors have all appeared at VHOB.

Tim Myers

Alina Sayre

Shelley Bates, who writes as Adina Senft and Shelley Adina.

JoAn Smith

Wait.  This is no author.  This is my daughter Meredith, with her 2 girls Drew and Josie, enjoying the sunshine and the grass.



  1. Such a fun event! Thanks to VHOB and the LG Library/Friends of the Library for hosting!

  2. It was a great day to connect with writers, readers, local bookstore owners and publishers. Definitely a worthwhile time. Great pictures. Your granddaughters are adorable--my future readers.

    1. My 9-year old granddaughter is only a couple of years away. The 2 in this picture might be a little more than a couple!

  3. It sounds like y'all had a fun and successful event!

  4. What a great event!