Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vanessa Diffenbaugh at the RBC - Unbelievable!

You all know how much I love The Language of Flowers.  I's in my top 12 all-time! You also may know/remember that I saw Vanessa last summer in Oakland when she was promoting her 2nd book, We Never Asked for Wings.  When I went up to her to have my book signed, I mentioned the RBC and asked her if she would consider being one of our authors.  And she said yes!  Well, 8 months later, here she came (all the way from Monterey, no less).  And, just like before, she was great.  She's not only an outstanding novelist and a great humanitarian.  But she's also super interesting.  She's animated and funny.  And her story is crazy fascinating.

Thanks to Recycle Bookstore, Orchard Valley Coffee, and Vanessa Diffenbaugh, we had almost 50 people come tonight!  It was fantastic!  Here are some pics.

In case you're wondering, this is Kevin from Recycle.  He sold Vanessa's 2 books at the event.

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  1. Wow! What a great turnout. You are a true book ambassador :)