Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Martina McBride and Her New Cookbook

Last Saturday, Joni and I went to a little bit of a different author event. First of all, it took place at a very cool winery in Napa.  Secondly, the author is one of the most successful country singers of our generation. And, thirdly, a cookbook still counts as a book, right?  Yep, we were at Calmere Estate Winery. And the world-famous country singer/cookbook author is...Martina McBride!  How cool is that?  We ended up with appetizers, salad (see below), entree (see below), and dessert, all from Martina's cookbook, Martina's Kitchen Mix.  And between courses we got to give Martina a bunch of questions that she graciously answered.  Plus, we had a good table, as you can see from the 1st picture.  Kudos to Karen West, of Book Passage, for being a great emcee.  And, as usual, Book Passage put on a terrific event.

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