Monday, January 4, 2021

New Authors in 2020

And, finally...I'm always curious as to how many new authors I read each year.  I think there are less in 2020 than usual because of Covid.  Instead of having a bunch of new authors coming to Recycle Bookstore, we Zoomed with a lot of authors that I have already been reading.  Here it goes, and we'll see how it compares with previous years:

Max Tomlinson
Andrew Gross
Steve Martin (audiobook)
Simone St. James
Kelly Rimmer
Helen Zia
Stephanie Wrobel
Nicole Meier
Mary Torjussen
Jennifer Rosner
Elayne Klasson
Donna Levin
Laila Ibrahim
Kristina McMorris
Phoebe Fox
Angela Terry
Amanda Prowse
Robyn Harding
Ann Napolitano
Ehsaneh Sadr
Art Rios
Samantha van Leer (with Jodi Picoult)
Rachael Eckles Britt Bennett
Adrian McKinty
Elizabeth Berg


Now that I've finished this year's list, I just looked at 2019 and 2018.  I had 44 new authors in '18 and 48 in '19!

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  1. So many great books and authors, so little time! But, so glad to see Max Tomlinson at the top of your list. He is stellar!