Monday, May 30, 2022

More Books Read in 2022

In my last post, which was more than 3 months ago, I said I hoped to actually write some reviews.  Well, it's not happening with this post.  So I am going to do what I did back in February and list the books I've read, along with the ratings, in the order I read them.  Here we go:

The Magnolia Palace - Fiona Davis - 3.75 (my 1st, but not my last, Davis) 
Dark Obsessions - Marie Sutro - 3.25 (book 2 in the series - lots of tense moments)
Until We Meet - Camille de Maio - 4.0 (my 1st one in 2022)
Better to Trust - Heather Frimmer - 3.25 (recommended to me - solid)
Home Front - Kristin Hannah - 4.0 (2 out of the last 3! - see what I meant from my last post?)
The Sweet Life - Suzanne Woods Fisher - 3.5 (a fun novel about opening up an ice cream shop)
The Authenticity Project - Clare Pooley - 3.75 (very unique concept that definitely worked)
The Bride Wore Constant White - Shelley Adina - 3.0 (all of her books are entertaining)

People, keep in mind that anything 3.0 or higher is a good read. Whatever my own quirky reasons are for the ratings I give, it does not reflect on the author.  In my opinion, if I rate a book 3.0+, then it's well worth reading.  You can also go on Goodreads and see what the average rating is for these books.  For example, Marie Sutro's Dark Obsessions has a cumulative rating of 4.44/5 (I've always gone with the 4 scale). That is super high.

See you down the road for my next blog post.


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