Saturday, December 17, 2011


You are naturally wondering what the heck is Two Sisters Bar and Books.  The short answer to that question is it's a restaurant.  Then, again naturally, you would be wondering why am I blogging about a restaurant.  The answer to that question takes a little bit more explanation.  See below.  And, finally, you might want to know what expertise I have that allows me to review a restaurant.  The answer is:  I eat a lot.

Two Sisters opened in the Hayes Valley area of San Francisco a few months ago.  It is owned by Mikha, who is the daughter of our friends Marsha and John.  There are a number of elements that make this restaurant unique.  But the one that relates to a book blog is that they have a book borrowing/lending/exchanging/donating section.  Against one of their walls, they have bookshelves loaded with books.  They started with approximately 400 books of all genres and ages.  Mikha's younger sister, Mary (a friend of my daughter Lauren's from high school) bought the initial inventory.  When we were there a few weeks ago for brunch, we were told that their book ranks have swelled.  How does that work?

The rules are that there really are no hard and fast rules.  People can come in and take a book.  They can read it in the restaurant or take it home - oftentimes both.  Mikha hopes that if a book is taken, it will be returned or replaced by another one.  But she certainly does not have any lending library cards.  It's all on the honor system.  How cool is that?  As it turns out, more books have been brought in than have gone out.  That's how the bookshelves stay full.

On top of this fantastic feature, they also have a book club that meets monthly.  And they intend to have local authors appear.  You all know how much I love author events.  And based on my recent posts, you also know I have had great success this year in coming across Bay Area authors that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Any bookstore (even if it is primarily a restaurant) that promotes authors has a fan in me, no matter what the food is like.

Speaking of food, let me say that what Joni and I had with Marsha and John a few Sunday brunches ago was excellent.  Plus, the atmosphere is very warm and inviting.  Somebody more sensitive than I might even call it nurturing!  It has a great neighborhood presence and has been well-received by the locals - rightfully so.  I would recommend that you go to Two Sisters Bar and Books for the food and drink (they have an eclectic and constantly-changing bar menu).  And while you're there, pick up a book.  I guarantee that you will find books there that you won't see anywhere else.

Happy eating (and reading).

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