Monday, April 30, 2012


As the spouse of "Sage," and a professional event planner for nearly 20 years, I have literally planned and attended hundreds of parties.  And we have been going to author events on at least a monthly basis for almost a decade.  I have never felt compelled to write a review from the event perspective - until now!

Last Friday evening, "Sage"and I headed to the Haight-Ashbury (an experience unto itself) for the launch of  God's Hotel at The Booksmith.  Let's be honest, this old San Francisco neighborhood is totally unique.  We dined at the Magnolia Pub, and I am still dreaming of short ribs and horseradish  foam.  Aaah!

We walked into the bookstore and were welcomed with wine and cheese that was lovely and well-presented.  However, what made the evening so unusual was something far more important than the "look" of an appetizer platter.  It was all about feelings.

Victoria Sweet, the author of God's Hotel, embodied an event's real and true purpose:  To build community.  She introduced herself to everyone there and made a personal connection with each of us.  Her comment to us - "You drove all the way up here from Los Gatos, didn't you?" - practically floored Lloyd.

We were energetically bound together and spellbound as she began storytelling and reading from her amazing book.  The presentation was poignant, informative, and relevant.  I loved it and will definitely read God's Hotel.

As Victoria was weaving her way to the table by the front door for the book signing, she squeezed past me and stopped.  "Thank you for your smile," she said.  Was she channeling my mother?  I looked around, and every audience member was beaming and chatting.

This was a community-building experience in all its glorious perfection.  It couldn't have been better.  Bravo!!!


  1. Sorry I wasn't there. Sounds lovely. And what an great example of how these events can bring people together and make each feel acknowledged. After all, most of us just want that - to feel cared for and connected in the world. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What great and thoughtful insight from a true event expert!