Friday, September 22, 2017

Own It, by Elisabeth Barrett - A Romance for the RBC

I don't think it will come as a great surprise to you that I'm a romance fan.  But I have to admit that I limit myself to local romance authors.  I mean, I've got Marina Adair, Jasmine Haynes/Jennifer Skully, Bella Andre, and Elisabeth Barrett in my own backyard, so to speak.  That's not to mention all of the authors I read who don't strictly write in the romance genre, but who still have romance in their books.  This could be contemporary fiction or fantasy, and everything around and in-between.

In this case, it's another Barrett book that I want to talk to you about. Elisabeth comes to the RBC on December 13.  Her book is #1 in the It Factor series.  I can tell you one thing for sure:  I WILL be reading the next book in the series.  Here's what Own It is about:

Aidan Phelan has finally gained control over Wolfshead, his family's craft brewery and distillery, but there's one catch - his curvy firecracker of an ex-wife has also inherited a share.  It was Aidan's stubborn pride that destroyed their marriage to begin with, and now he has a daily reminder of that failure strutting around in sexy heels and pencil skirts.  But he has bigger problems - namely establishing himself as CEO by successfully launching Wolfshead's new whiskey without his family driving him insane.
Emma Crandall is shocked when she finds out she's part-owner of Aidan's family business, the company that drove a wedge between the two of them.  Aidan offers to buy her out, but she's not biting.  She's just started up a freelance marketing consulting business, and working with Wolfshead could open the door to bigger and better clients.  Besides, it's high time she proved to herself that she can handle her arrogant ex, even if he is big, bearded, and hot as hell.
Forced to work together, Aidan and Emma must confront their darkest fears and deepest desires.  But owning Wolfshead comes with a price neither of them anticipated...their hearts.

There were definitely a number of things about Own It that I liked:

1.  The whole idea of exes (if you watch Nashville on CMT, there is a musical duo called The Exes - good show) maybe getting back together is cool.  You don't see that too often.
2.  I like the literary device of having the characters talking to themselves in their heads.  Those lead to a lot of laughs for me.
3.  Now, this might come as a surprise to you.  But romances sometimes, maybe, could have sex in them.  I'm just saying that it's a possibility in this one.  But there is a scene in the book in which the the exes are cooking together that I found very sensual...without any sex at all!  Go figure.
4.  Elisabeth uses baristas to make a comparison that I not only thought was terrific, but I have even mentioned it to real-life baristas.  I will let you read it for yourself.
5.  I haven't mentioned any emotional connection with the characters yet.  I guess I didn't have any of that in this book...yeah, right.  The last 15 pages were a combination of chills, tears, and BLUBBERING!  Yep, I actually blubbered.  Fortunately, I was in the privacy of my own restaurant booth (sorry, Garrett patrons).

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Well, this one fits right in.  And when all is said and done, I do love me a good romance!


  1. Your review and the fact that it's the first in a series is why I just bought the book. Now I need time to read it. But I will!

    1. That's a lot of pressure, Mary!...but I'm okay with it.