Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Friday Night of Grand Opening Week Was a Huge Hit

Our 3rd night of Grand Opening week, last Friday, was fantastic.  Meg Waite Clayton is a NYTimes/USA Today bestselling author who recently came out with her 4th book, The Wednesday Daughters.  I haven't read that one yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Four Ms. Bradwells and The Wednesday Sisters.  And Tracy Guzeman recently had her 1st book, The Gravity of Birds, published.  It was terrific.

More importantly, they did a fantastic job.  They read, answered questions, and signed books.  The format is pretty typical of most author events, regardless of bookstore.  But both of these authors were so gracious in their support of a new bookstore even though they had no idea what kind of crowd would be there.  I feel privileged to know them.

Meg Waite Clayton, reading from The Wednesday Daughters

Tracy Guzeman, reading from The Gravity of Birds

Tracy answering a question, with Meg amused in the background

Meg and Tracy, posing with their books

Our very appreciative audience

P.S.  Tracy's mom, Jane, was there.  In fact, she was the 1st one in line to buy Tracy's book!  She is a real character, in the best possible sense.

P.P.S.  Joni and I are part of the 4th Tuesday Book Club at Books, Inc., in Palo Alto.  Meg is also a member.  In fact, she introduced the book club to me.  As accomplished and well-known as Meg is, she is just another member of the book club on book club night.  In fact, I even feel comfortable disagreeing with her during our discussions - but not often.


  1. What a fun event and how fun to be in a book club with such a great author!

  2. Believe me, I recognize how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many excellent authors. And Meg comes to the book club without an ounce of self-importance.