Friday, April 25, 2014

California Bookstore Day at VHOB - May 3

A week from Saturday is a big day.  It's California Bookstore Day.  And Village House of Books will be celebrating along with every other bookstore in the state.  At this moment, we have 13 local authors who will be coming to VHOB on May 3 to sit and chat and sign books.  Here's our schedule at the moment.  Be watching for additions during the week.

Alina Sayre - 10-12
Rayme Waters - 11:30-12:30
Jenn Castro - 11:30-2:30
Mike Degregorio - 12-2
Erica Goss - 12-6
Kim Yen Nguyen - 12:15-2:15
Dr. Russell Andrews - 12-2
A.R. Silverberry - 1-3
Victoria Johnson - 1-3
Hannah Jayne - 2-4
Shelley Adina - 4-6
Jasmine Haynes - 4-6
Jana McBurney-Lin - 4:30-6

Contest Winners - We have our 2 winners of Beth Hoffman's Looking for Me.  They are Cynthia and Tami.  They will not only be getting copies of Beth's book, but they will also receive a signed bookmark by Beth.  C'mon.  How cool is that?


  1. Thanks again for offering a giveaway, Lloyd! Happy weekend to you and Joni.

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    2. Happy to. You have a good weekend too before you hit the road. We know that your book tour will be a big success.