Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Policy at VHOB for Use of Space - You're Going to Like This - A Lot

VHOB has a new policy going into effect immediately.  It will be especially valuable to local book clubs but can work for any organization/group.  You can actually get your own space in the store to use for your next meeting.  Here are the details:

1.  It is available from 6:30-8:30 or 7:00-9:00 any night from Tuesday-Friday (unless we have an author event scheduled - go to the website - - to check that out).
2.  You can bring food and beverages in, just like we currently do for the VHOB Book Club.
3.  There is a capacity of 25 people.
4.  You can pay a fee of $75 or buy $75 worth of books.

For the price of a few books, you can meet in one of the coolest (and certainly most quiet) after-hours places in town.  Feel free to call the store to make a reservation.

We have added 2 more authors (and 1 cover illustrator)  to the list that I blogged yesterday for California bookstore Day.  They are Amalia Hillmann (cover illustrator with Alina Sayre), Steve Sporleder, from 10-1, and Mary Ann Quinn, from 1-3.  I will keep you posted if there are more add-ons.

Finally, Alina Sayre, author of The Illuminator's Gift, a middle school fantasy novel, conducted an interview yesterday with Cheryl and Steve and took pictures of the store for her blog.  Here is a link to the article.  She did a totally terrific job.

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