Thursday, November 27, 2014

Latest list of authors I'm in contact with - 15 months later

The last time I posted this list was August of last year.  Of course, every list (this is #3, I believe) has additions and subtractions.  For this one, I have lost 14 and have added...(drum roll, please) 41!  This is NOT a misprint.  However, I did have a built-in meeter/greeter - my job at VHOB.  I was in charge of author events for about 10 or 11 months.  So, obviously, I had an opportunity to meet a lot of authors.  AND, since January, we have had our book club.  1st, it was the VHOB Book Club.  Then, in September, we moved it Recycle Books.  And, let's remember, the author comes to our book club meetings.  Well, regardless of the reasons, I've got a bunch of new authors for the list.  Here's the latest group:

Adair, Marina
Auchard, Betty
Barrett, Elisabeth
Baszile, Natalie
Billheimer, John
Black, Cara
Browne, S.G.
Bumpus, Carole
Castro, Jenn
Clayton, Meg Waite
Dart, Julie
DeGregorio, Mike
DePaul, Virna
Ford, Jamie
Franco, Betsy
Franklin-Willis, Amy
Gelder, Ann
Goodson, William
Goss, Erica
Gunther, Linda
Guzeman, Tracy
Hafner, Katie
Haynes, Jasmine
Herron, Rachael
Hillerman, Anne
Hoffman, Beth
Horn, J.D.
Jackson, Nate
Jacobson, Alan
Jayne, Hannah
Johnson, Victoria
King, Laurie R.
King, Shelly
Kirschman, Ellen
Kramer, Bryan
Kretschmer, G. Elizabeth
Lavigne, Michael
Lescroart, John
Littlefield, Sophie
Lukas, Michael David
Mason, Christine Z.
McBurney-Lin, Jana
McKenzie, C. Lee
Myers, Tim
Packer, Ann
Pandian, Gigi
Pastrone, Lauri
Piccinini, Toni
Raffel, Keith
Rojstaczer, Stuart
Safran, Joshua
Sayre, Alina (Amalia Hillmann, illustrator)
Szczepanski, Marian
Senft, Adina
Siegel, Sheldon
Silverberry, A.R.
Sloan, Robin
Smith, JoAn
Sporleder, Steve
Sussman, Ellen
Swan, Joan
Taylor, Nick
Vitello, Suzi
Waters, Rayme
Wecker, Helene

65!!! (If I forgot anybody, I apologize.  Please let me know, and I'll revise the list.)  I can't begin to tell you how exciting it is to know these authors/people.  Now, I just hope that I can keep in touch with all of them - and more.