Sunday, September 17, 2017

Here's a Novel about Surfing from a Real Surfer

Mike Degregorio is a long-time surfer.  Here's what the back of his book says about the writing of Thunder Bay:

Degregorio wrote "Thunder Bay" in the early 1990's and it went out of print around Y2k.  It's a big wave story based on real life characters, Native American omens and oversized egos.  It is now edited and revised and after twenty years, re-released in print and Ebook form.

Those of you who know me understand VERY CLEARLY that I have never tried (and will never try) surfing.  So it was very interesting to me to read Mike's novel and learn some stuff about surfing (please don't test me on what I learned...I beg you!).

Let me mention some of the highlights of the book for me:

1.  As a surfing troglodyte, I really appreciated the glossary.
2.  His descriptions of what it must be like to ride a big wave were very visual - e.g. "A swell, like a bull sensing the weight of a cowboy on its back, began to heave upward."
3.  His non-suring descriptions are also pretty darn good - "The cool salt breeze flowed into the freshly cleaned room like soda and ice blending with fine scotch."  And I don't even drink!
4.  How about this description? - "Every wave is different, like people with individual personalities."
5.  And this one - "The topping of raw butterfish resembled a large blob of recently chewed Bazooka Joe bubble gum." (I definitely remember that gum when I was kid, back in the Dark Ages.)

This may indeed by the first, last, and only book I ever read about surfing.  But if so, I'm glad it was Mike's book I read.


  1. I don't think I'll be taking up surfing anytime soon, either, but the book sounds good to me as well.

    1. The thought of surfing gives me the chills...and not in a good way!