Monday, November 11, 2019

3 New Books and 1 New Bookstore!

Hi all.  I've got 4 intros for you:

1.  You all know how much I liked Alina Sayre's YA series The Voyages of the Legend.   Well, books 1 and 2, The Illuminator's Gift and The Illuminator's Test, are currently in audiobook form.  AND, #3, The Illuminator Rising, will be an audiobook in time for Xmas.

But that's not the biggest news for Alina.  What I wanted to tell you is that Alina HAS A NEW BOOK!  It's a book of poetry.  And it's called Fire By Night.  Take a look at how Alina describes this book:

Fire by Night isn't an easy book. It's raw; dark in places. But as the days shorten and the dark comes early, it's also about the authenticity and hope to be found along the way.

You can buy Fire By Night in e-book or paperback form on Amazon. Here's the link:  e-book and paperback.  In a couple of weeks, the paperback will be available at Books, Inc. in Campbell.

2.  Now we have another debut.  C. Lee McKenzie, whose The Princess of Las Pulgas is certainly one of my favorite YA's ever(!), has a brand new YA.  It's called Not Guilty, and I enjoyed it a lot.  Here are some links so that you don't have to search for ways to buy it.  You can't go wrong with a C. Lee McKenzie book.

3.  Did I mention that there's a new bookstore in town?  Towne Center Books in Pleasanton, where I have seen many great authors, has opened a 2nd store, this one in Livermore.  The address is 2375 Railroad Avenue. P.S.  Hampton Sides, who wrote The Ghost Soldiers, an excellent accounting of the march to Bataan during WWII, will be at Veterans Hall, 301 Main Street, Pleasanton, this Sunday, November 17, at 2:00.  Thank you, Towne Center Books.  I will be there!

4.  And, finally, something I found out today...KRISTIN HARMEL HAS A NEW BOOK COMING OUT JULY 21, 2020.  Yes, I know it's a little bit down the road.  But we can all start getting excited now, can't we?  Of course we can.


  1. I KNOW you're happy about a new Harmel book!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Lloyd. Always appreciate the help.

  3. It's always encouraging to see new bookstores popping up. You seem to have your fair share :)