Sunday, December 1, 2019

22 Reviews!...I mean 22 titles

Can you believe that I am at least 35-40 reviews behind?  Well, it's true. And since it's not possible for me to catch up, I'm taking the chicken's way out.  I will instead list 22 books that I strongly urge you to read. These would all go on my recommend table at Recycle Books on Sunday mornings.  If they're not there yet, they will be (if the store has them).  I am listing all 22 by genre.  This might help you decide which one(s) you'll want to read.  Side note:  I've got one audiobook in this group that I might say a few words about.

Robert Dugoni - The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell (audiobook)
Jeanine Cummins - American Dirt
Erin Gordon - Beschert
Phaedra Patrick - The Library of Lost and Found
Kristin Hannah - The Great Alone
Ally Larkin - Swimming for Sunlight
Daniel Silva - the New Girl
Kristin Higgins - Good Luck with That

Historical Fiction
Marie Benedict - The Only Woman in the Room
Kristin Harmel - The Winemaker's Wife
Kristin Harmel - Until We meet Again
Kate Quinn - The Huntress
Mark Sullivan - Beneath a Scarlet Sky
Marie Ellen Wiseman - the Life She Was Given
Camille Di Maio - The Memory of Us
Meg Waite Clayton - The Last Train to London
Pam Jenoff - The Lost Girls of Paris

Barry Eisler - The Killer Collective
Barry Eisler - All the Devils

Tracy Garvis Graves - The Girl He Used to Know

Romantic Comedy
Rich Amooi - Madam Love, Actually

Religious Fiction
Suzanne Woods Fisher - Mending Fences

Now, about that audiobook, I have a funny story to tell.  A few months ago, our renowned, highly respected, and overall good guy RBC author, Sheldon Siegel, recommended I contact a friend of his, Robert Dugoni, for the RBC.  So, of course, I did.  What I didn't know when I sent the feelers out is that Robert lives in the Seattle area.  But he still said sure, that he would be in the area in early April and would be happy to come to our meeting.  So we set a date for April 2 and picked a book, The Eight Sister (he's written a bunch).  Shortly after that, I get a message from my top source for excellent books, Melissa Amster, who says that I absolutely must listen to an audiobook by none other than Robert Dugoni, called The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell.  Mind you, this is the first time Melissa has ever insisted that I listen to an audiobook, and she had no idea that I had scheduled Robert for the RBC!  Joni and I picked up a copy from the local library and proceeded to be absolutely mesmerized by the book and the narrator, who is Robert himself (award-winning, I might add).  Joni and were worried that maybe the book was better in audio form than print form.  WRONG!  We now know people who have read the print version and came away with the same opinion.  People, whatever format you use, read this book.  It is absolutely outstanding.
P.S.  I asked Robert if we could switch to Sam Hell for our RBC meeting on April 2.  He said sure.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. So glad you loved this book!

  2. I haven't read any of the books on your list (:() but am anxious to get to American Dirt. I love the audiobook story and will add the book to my wish list.