Friday, February 10, 2017

The RBC and BookBrowse owner Davina Morgan-Witts

Tuesday night we had a special RBC meeting.  Davina Morgan-Witts, founder and owner of the very popular book recommending website, BookBrowse, came to Recycle Books to talk about her online magazine. Here are a bunch of facts about BookBrowse:

1.    They only recommend books that "engage, entertain, and enlighten."  If you can't learn something from reading a book, then BookBrowse won't recommend it.
2.    They are 20 years old and for the 1st 9 years, they treated it like a hobby.  In 2006, the owners decided to make it into a real business.
3.    They make their money from ads (typically from publishers) and from subscriptions.
4.    They have 125,000 Facebook followers!
5.    They have 500,000 unique views each month!
6.    They feature 20 books and review another 60-80 books each month. 
7.    They have 25,000 signed up for their newsletter!
8.    They have several weekly posts and do their recommending twice each month.
9.    Even though most of their recommendations come from the big 5 of publishing, they still have a form on their website that allows independent authors to apply.
10.  They only feature new books, of which most are hardcover.  They will sometimes feature the same books when they come out in paperback (usually about a year later).

I would strongly recommend that you visit Davina's website.  You will be glad you did.

Davina treated our members to free ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) plus a few published books

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