Friday, May 19, 2017

A Whole Bunch of Stuff

Here is that mish-mash of announcements that I accumulate over some period of time.  I've got a combo of events and books-to-movies-and-TV and paperbacks and giveaways.  Let's begin, shall we?

1.  This coming Wednesday, May 24, is our next RBC meeting.  Margaret Zhao will be talking about her memoir, Really Enough: A True Story of Tyranny, Courage and Comedy.  It chronicles her life as a child in China during the 1950s, shortly after the Communists took over.  Crazy interesting story.  She will be at Recycle Books at 7:00.

2.  I saw the 1st trailer for The Glass Castle that is being made into a movie, starring Brie Larson.  You certainly all know that TGC is one of my top 12 books all-time.  That makes me nervous about the movie version. I didn't see Me Before You because I liked the book so much.  I don't know if I will adopt the same attitude this time.

3.  I just found out yesterday that Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon is coming to the small screen.  Daniel didn't tell us when that's happening.  And I'm hoping it's not on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, et al.  I don't have any of those premium stations.

4.  That very good novel, Homegoing, by Yaa Gyasi, is now out in paperback.

5.  Ellen Kirschman will be launching, The Fifth Reflection, her 3rd book in the Dot Meyerhof series, on July 11 at Books, Inc. in Palo Alto.  Her background as a police psychologist is fascinating.  And she applies what she's learned to her protagonist.

6.  On June 29, another launch will be taking place.  This one is at Kepler's, and it stars Barry Eisler, who has launched all of his books at this one bookstore.  He is coming out with Zero Sum, another book in the excellent John Rain series.

7.  I mentioned this in my last post.  But I've got a very clean hardcover copy of Sally Hepworth's the mother's promise, thanks to Melissa A.  It's available to anybody who wants it.  You don't even have to give up your first-born.

8.  Here's an interesting article from the Women's National Book Association, San Francisco Chapter, regarding free libraries:  Little Free Libraries of the Bay Area.  If you can't click on the link, then just go to their website and find this article.  It's super cool.

9.  On April 26, I attended a going-away party for Melissa Maglio.  As I'm sure you all know, Melissa ran the Los Gatos Library Tuesday Evening Book Club for about 7 years.  I've only been going for the last 3 or so. But she did an excellent job and had a big following.  Well, she had an opportunity to move over to the San Jose Library and work at a branch that is within bike-riding distance to her home.  She just couldn't pass it up.  I know that I speak for many book club members when I say that we will all miss her terribly.


  1. There's a Little Free Library in my neighborhood!

    1. That is so cool. I haven't run across any around where I live. But I'm sure there must be one nearby.